all about dat beauty: october 2017 favourites

Some say that best thing to do when you're feeling down is to pamper yourself -- at least that’s what my therapist and all these websites suggested I do (yes, websites, ha ha I knooooow, but when you’re in a pretty bad rut you look for advice anywhere). I clearly took those suggestions, since the things I’ve been obsessed with this month are all about beauty and makin’ me feel pretty -- and myself -- again. So that's this month's theme, if you will. 
It Cosmetics CC+ Cream: Everyone’s been talking about this foundation for ages, and I’ve been looking for a foundation for ages. Why it took me so long to actually try it is still unknown to me, but I’m SO HAPPY that this foundation and I found a way to each other! First of all, it smells like LEMONS which should be enough reason to try it, tbh, and the coverage is a perfect buildable medium without feeling heavy at all. The title on the bottle remains true: it feels like my skin but better. This month it helped me put on a brave face. Feel confident when all I wanted to do was bury myself into a hole, and most importantly, help me get out of the house when I needed to. 
Fresh Beauty Vitamin Nectar face mask: I’m OBSESSED with Fresh Beauty’s face masks, but they are so goddamn expensive.. That’s why Christmas at Sephora is my jam -- when all the Christmas gift sets come out and you get the best bang for your buck! I’ve been a fan of Fresh Beauty for many years, and so since then I’ve tried a ton of their face masks, which have done serious wonders to my problematic skin. Fresh released their Vitamin Nectar Mask not too long ago, and I was able to try out a sample size. It smells delightfully citrusy (is it obvious I love citrus scents) and woke my skin up! I've been looooooooooving it especially after a long day (which I've had far too many this month), and it does exactly what it's intended for: brightening! I look much more awake afterwards. Here's some ways you can try Fresh's face masks without breaking the wallet: x, x, x 
There's a saying that goes something like, "spend money on skincare so you don't have to spend money on makeup." While my It Cosmetics foundation gave me a great amount of confidence to continue onwards, I think these masks helped remind me that the real foundation was the skin underneath. 
...and the nail colour of the month goes to... drummroooooollll pleeaaaaseeeeeeee..... Nails Inc's Bond Street Passage
This colour was so simple but chic at the same time and I was (and still am) just obsessed. Every time I debated painting a different colour I would always gravitate back to this one. It also doesn't help that I fucking love Nails Inc. I have a lot of nail polish (like A LOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT) and I've tried a ton of brands, but quite honestly, Nails Inc. might be my all-time favourite. Everything from the bottle design, brush, FORMULA (OMG THIS FORMULA OMG), colours... I just love it all. I love you, Nails Inc. I love you. You make my nails physically feel strong and mentally like a classy lady that can take on the world, and that's what I needed this month. I love you. Forrealz. I've missed growing out and doing my nails, and it's given me much joy to participate in such a trivial activity such as painting my nails again. I clearly really indulged. 
I'm not a perfume wearer. I've never been, but over the summer my aunt gifted me a scent that I do love, ChloĆ©'s classic Eau de Parfum. I had it sitting on my dresser for months, but decided to give it a spritz one day when I was wearing a new sweater that had a bit of a this-is-too-new smell to it. Ever since then, I've been kind of hooked. Can we also appreciate this bottle?! Oh my god. I'm such a sucker for packaging, but seriously, look at it. A BEAUTY! And a yummy scent, too. Will this now start an obsession in perfume? I hope not. (But I already have my eye on some Jo Malone London scents...) 
I have a shopping problem. That’s quite evident. But like I’ve said, October has been hard. I was feeling terribly... drained. It sounds very strange to start off a section about earrings to talk about my emotions, but I think spending time with one of my best friends, Jon, and shopping at new places and buying things that reminded me of things I used to love is what drove me this month to buy the things that I did, including these gorgeous earrings! I picked them up from a local shop from a local brand, and I just think they are so pretty. They will always remind me of the afternoons spent with Jon, now! 
Ah, yes.. finally the section that isn't about beauty! Music helps you through some funks, too. These days I'm not listening to too much Korean music as much as I used to, but I remain to be constantly addicted to Epik High. With stunningly profound and melancholy lyrics, I've been listening to them for almost ten years and they have rarely disappointed me. At the very end of this month they released, WE'VE MADE SOMETHING WONDERFUL. It's very mellow -- even for Epik High -- but god. It's really something. "Bleed" is one of my favourites, but their all-English track "Here Come the Regrets" featuring Lee Hi (the Korean Adele, if you will), and "Home is Far Away" has been playing on repeat these last few days. If you haven't heard of Epik High before, I encourage you to check them out, especially if you want something a bit solemn to listen to: HOME IS FAR AWAY, HERE COME THE REGRETS And I can't forget about their old classics, ONE, LOVE LOVE LOVE

I admit I haven’t done a ton of reading this month, but I’ve recently been fascinated in The Do Book series. I heard about it on EsteĆ© LaLonde’s video on some seriously gorgeous stationery shops in London. My favourite of the three that I’ve been following, Papersmiths, talked about how The Do Books were their top bestsellers. They’re essentially little books that have been adapted from lectures on different subjects to encourage productivity and practicality. I’ve been reading up on them quite a bit and so once I’m finished reading (I decided on Do Improvise) (Do Breathe is the mail for me now), I’m thinking of doing a separate post on them. 
Woo. That was a lot. 
If you got through all that, that's really quite kind of you, and I hope you found it even slightly interesting and/or useful. Now, did all of these things help? Was the pampering and the sad music and the encouraging books -- did they help? Was I able to cure a sad and stressed and very drained heart? I think so, yeah. Maybe not completely and fully, but I think these were the first few steps to get going. So I'm trying, and this month has been all about that: trying and caring. SO YEAH. That was October. 

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