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I recently revisited one of the most colourful cities I've ever had the pleasure of visiting -- Seattle. My family and I used to road trip to Seattle and Vancouver for no particular reason other than enjoying the fourteen hour drive there and food, but took a break in the recent years after travelling to the east coast for the first time and then California (our other favourite family holiday destination). But this year, we came back! 

We made the very long drive (or maybe it was just long because of how many bathroom breaks we needed to take..) over and hit some of our favourite American Seattle spots, including, of course, Pike Place Market, which is quite honestly one of my favourite places to be ever. There's this special kind of hustle and bustle of people, the strangely comforting smell of the sea, and wide array of treasured junk and lovely homemade goods that makes it so special. Of course we went to other places while in Seattle, but let's be real: this stop, along with its surrounding area, were the most picturesque.

I'm missing Seattle quite dearly as I write this, and so in an attempt to relive the short time we were there and to also, of course, share the joy that is only one part of the city, here is my Seattle photo diary.

There are so many things to see and take pictures of at Pike Place, but yet I kept on getting drawn to this entrance way. Perhaps it was a too-pretty mint colour covered in flowers and ENTRANCE being written in one of my favourite fonts...

Pike Place Market is -- despite all the touristy things you can do there -- a farmer's market, so there's still home grown and home made things being sold, including some very delicious looking vegetables.

Speaking of homemade, one of the more popular things you can pick up at Pike Place is homemade jam. My sister got a sample of some sort of honey-jalapeno flavoured one that temporarily got on her new Converse. It sounds like a questionable flavour, I know, but she assured me that it was "actually so good." 

Something Pike Place is known for are the guys over at Pike Place Fish Co. It's just a fish shop, right? Wrong. They actually can make fish fly. Yes, fly. Once someone decides they want to take home, oh, let's say a whole salmon, it gets tossed around by the very charming men, singing and chanting all the while. They muster up quite the crowd, as they should! PS: their smoked salmon is deeeeeeeeelliiicccioooousssss. Highly recommend.

I love seafood. Like, a lot. But sadly my dreary Alberta city doesn't often have delicious, fresh seafood like these raw oyster shots we picked up from a different seafood shop at Pike (there was far too many people and far too many different places it could have been for me to remember the name. plus, I made my sister grab them for us while I stepped across the street to take pictures -- a very typical me thing to do, so I'm sorry that I can't remember the name). They're marinated in a tangy, almost spicy sauce, and you quite honestly take it as a shot. Drink it all  -- or eat it all -- in one go. Unfortunately for me, though, it was quite difficult as the oyster was a little too big, but that's okay because we still went for round 2 afterwards.

Pike Place is also famous for their flower bouquets (I sound like I know a lot but I really don't actually know if they're famous for their bouquets or not. They're just famous in my eyes because I love flowers so. much.), but in this picture there are so many other stories happening amongst the flowers: the new and small overseas family attempting to read a map in an entirely different language, a local picking up flowers for someone, and a girl trying to pay for music camp. There seems to be stories at every corner, and at this flower shop I was reminded of that.

Across the street from this flower shop is my favourite thing in Seattle, ever: the Read All About It! NEWS corner. It's situated half on the sidewalk and half on wall and sort of hallway inside Pike and carries magazines, post cards (oh, my favourite), and all sorts of written and photographic gems. I love all of those things so much and seeing different versions of these kinds of shops in different cities make me happy.

Did we spend the entire day in Pike Place? Not quite, but almost. We ended up wandering to an alley off Pike (where the famous (and this time I actually know it's famous) Pike Place Chowder can be found) and sat down and just took everything in. it was easy to do just that with these seating arrangements.

This lovely man also joined us. (I also like his tattoo that says "sisters" for my sister and I would probably also get tattoos like that for each other.)


My sister's favourite part about Seattle is most likely the waterfront area -- full of quirky shops, a big variety of eateries (that all look good, quite honestly), and the ocean itself. We had lunch at The Crab Pot and it was delicious.

We didn't ride the ferris wheel but we liked taking pictures of/with it.

Up until now,  I've shown you all and wrote about specific places (mainly tourist attractions, but let's put that aside for a second), but this picture -- which is actually one of my favourites that I took -- is from no where in particular. I was just walking and saw this little snippet of perhaps forgotten art and I took it.

This is my favourite part of cities though, and what I think defines it. Not the tourist attractions or sports teams or mayor or one famous person hailing from it, even, but the people. The everyday people. The people who take the time to put art on the walls and the people who take the time to try and remove this art. The people who spent their whole lives here and call it home. The people who just moved here because they wanted to. That's what -- and who -- defines a city.

See you next time. X

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